Denitrification, measured in sediment cores using acetylene

Novel cationic polymers in this project were evaluated for the delivery of siRNA. The first polymer was AGMA29, an amphoteric linear polyamidoamine polymer which has been reported to be useful for gene delivery and with a low toxicity. In addition, two modified poly(glycerol adipate) (PGA) variants were used.

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anabolic steroids 6MbAbstractThis study was undertaken to investigate denitrification and nitrous oxide production in sediments and the key environmental factors influencing these within selected river systems of the LOIS (Land Ocean Interaction Study) area in North East England and southern Scotland. Seasonal and spatial trends were evident in both environmental and denitrification data measured monthly for 1.5 years along the Swale Ouse system from source to tidal limits. Denitrification, measured in sediment cores using acetylene inhibition and expressed by unit area of sediment, increased with distance from source down to freshwater tidal limits. anabolic steroids

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